Industrial & Distribution

Volatility in energy and commodity prices coupled with emerging market slowdowns signal high risks and new opportunities for industrial companies. Re-shoring or “right-shoring” manufacturing capacity has become more attractive as relative wage, transport and input material costs have shifted across global regions. Establishing business strategies that exploit such shifts requires innovative scenario-based approaches, flexibility and strong tactical processes, particularly in sales and operations planning, to keep the organization in a proactive stance. Distributors of industrial and consumer goods alike face technology-based disruptors challenging traditional business models and customer relationships. With intensifying margin pressures, cost competitiveness requires strategies and tactics that span the entire global value chain.

New Harbor’s capabilities for Industrial and Distribution companies include:

  • Strategic business design and planning
  • Market research and benchmarking
  • Global sourcing and manufacturing strategy
  • Product line portfolio management
  • Supply chain optimization and operations improvement
  • Sales & operations planning
  • Aftermarket service strategy
  • Organizational design and business process outsourcing

New Harbor staff members have conducted numerous projects for industrial companies and distributors. These typically involve complex global issues that require both strategic and operational innovation. At the same time, cross-functional organizational alignment often becomes a key enabler of sustainable competitive advantage.