Consumer & Retail

Technology and globalization continue to alter the buying behaviors of the consumer and disrupting traditional go-to-market models, pricing and marketing strategies, and the intertwined information, value, and supply chains from sourcing to the last mile. In this environment, customer intimacy, data analytics, visibility, and a global perspective are driving the development of successful business and technology strategies, effective and flexible operations, and organizations responsive to the fast pace of innovation.

In the Consumer and Retail industries, New Harbor services include:

  • Strategic business design and planning.
  • Market research and benchmarking.
  • Supply chain optimization and operations improvement.
  • Sales & operations planning.
  • Organizational design and business process outsourcing.

New Harbor staff has experience in entertainment, food/beverage, fashion, and household durables segments. We have helped our clients design eCommerce channels, rationalize their global supply chains, select outsourcing partners, and upgrade their organizations, as examples. More examples are available in the accompanying Case Studies and White Papers sidebar.