Transportation & Logistics

Transportation carriers, logistics management (3PL) companies and brokers, and ports/terminals face many challenges: entry of non-traditional competitors and market intermediaries, regulatory changes such as the requirement for ELDs in trucking, heightened environmental hurdles and greater sustainability expectations, increased demands from shippers and end-users for fast, flexible, time-definite, cost-effective and increasingly global solutions, and expanding issues related to reverse logistics, just to list some of the main concerns. Competition within segments and across segments (e.g., TL vs. Intermodal) remains very aggressive.

New Harbor’s capabilities in transportation and logistics leverage our extensive experience working with carriers, 3PLs, infrastructure providers, and shippers. Additionally, we work with strategic and financial investors to assess M&A and divestment opportunities to unlock unique value.

New Harbor services in Transportation and Logistics include:

  • Strategic business design and planning.
  • Market research and benchmarking.
  • Market planning and new service development.
  • Revenue & price management.
  • Operations improvement.
  • Network and equipment planning.
  • Organizational effectiveness and training.
  • Regulatory support.
  • M&A advisory and litigation support

New Harbor has conducted numerous of projects for leading transportation and logistics providers across all transport modes and logistics services, including ports and terminals and equipment and technology providers to the industry.

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