Much has been written about the art and science of business strategy – allocating investor and company resources to new markets, products and services, R&D, mergers & acquisitions, talent management and operational effectiveness and in so doing creating unique value and sustainable competitive advantage. New Harbor’s unique approach to helping our clients’ develop effective business strategies combines data-driven analysis with deep industry and functional expertise and experience.

Our project teams quickly hone in on the presenting issues and opportunities:

  • Market: What are the customer needs? Industry trends? New or underserved markets? Competitor strengths and weakness? Possible disruptors? External and regulatory factors?
  • Internal capabilities: What are the company’s core competencies? Strengths and weaknesses? Available resources?
  • Opportunities: What are the most attractive initiatives? How well do they leverage market trends and internal capabilities?
  • Financial and capital budgeting: What are the expected the financial outcomes over the planning horizon? Projected returns on each investment? Time-phased capital requirements?
  • Implementation: What resources will be required to move forward and capitalize on the business opportunities? Risks and mitigation actions? Milestone dependencies and re-planning trigger points?


  • Market and competitor research
  • Internal and external benchmarking and performance assessments
  • Scenario-based opportunity analysis
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Financial modeling
  • Risk assessment
  • Implementation planning and change management
  • Regulatory support
  • Investor advisory and litigation support


New Harbor staff has addressed a broad range of strategy questions for industry leaders, mid-sized companies seeking the next engine of growth, start-ups, and private equity and venture capital firms. Regulators and litigators seek our advice with respect to policy and legal implications.

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