The technology industry is in the midst of immense change. Sub-segments such as computing, entertainment, and telecommunications are converging and becoming more competitive. Shortened lifecycles and extreme price pressure are driving technology players to develop far more sophisticated strategies for accelerating product innovation, differentiation and value capture. Solutions range from early involvement of suppliers in the design and sourcing processes, globalized product line portfolio management extending to both developed and emerging consumer markets, to globally-optimized networks of suppliers and contract manufacturers and multi-channel sales force and customer support organizations. In this environment, risk and contingency management across the supply chain becomes increasingly sophisticated to ensure predictability of product availability and financial performance.

New Harbor’s capabilities in the Technology industry include:

  • Strategic business design and planning.
  • Market research and benchmarking.
  • Product line portfolio and life-cycle management.
  • Global sourcing and manufacturing strategy.
  • Supply chain optimization and operations improvement.
  • Sales & operations planning.
  • Aftermarket service strategy.
  • Organizational design and business process outsourcing.

New Harbor staff members have conducted numerous projects for technology-based companies. These typically involve complex global issues that require both strategic and operational innovation. At the same time, cross functional organizational alignment often becomes a key enabler of sustainable competitive advantage.