Litigation Support

New Harbor Senior Partners support attorneys and their clients with expert support for litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We provide individual expertise, in the form of reports or testifying experts; assemble teams of experts; estimate damages; and assess causality of losses. We have worked with some of the world’s best-known law firms. Client industries include financial services, software, manufacturing, energy, transportation and logistics.

We bring special value to our legal engagements by:

  • Providing senior partners with deep subject-matter expertise
  • Offering an agile team that can flex with the variable demands of each case
  • Drafting clear, concise and compelling reports
  • Supporting our work with detailed analyses and meticulous documentation
  • Working smoothly and efficiently with attorneys and their clients

Expert Reports

New Harbor prepares expert reports for attorneys, on behalf of their clients. These reports are typically analytical in nature. They address compliance with regulatory requirements, compare business behaviors with those of other actors in the relevant industry, marshal facts to rebut assertions by the opposition and assess impacts. Our experts have produced reports on invoice audit and payment processes, trademark infringement, environmental contingency planning and response, transportation practices and labor issues. Our model relies on senior consultants, who are able to rapidly assess the situation and provide value from Day One of an engagement. We then provide steadfast support to our clients throughout the stages of the legal procedure.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness support as needed. This may involve an individual New Harbor expert, backed by a dedicated team, for depositions or courtroom testimony. Our witnesses are all senior professionals, with many years of experience in consulting and line management positions. In addition, we assemble testifying experts on behalf of our clients, based on our understanding of the matters at hand and deep knowledge of the industry or functional area at issue.

Damage Assessment

Estimation of economic damages is a key element in our litigation support offering. This entails the identification and application of suitable methodologies. Our deep industry and functional knowledge allows us to develop rock-solid approaches and credible, fact-based results. New Harbor’s superior subject-matter familiarity and analytical strength has often allowed us to effectively counter the opposing party’s claims and sustain a position satisfactory to our client.

Causality Analysis

Successful dispute resolution can depend on a clear analysis of causality. New Harbor teams are able to leverage deep business expertise, robust analytical models and strong written skills to assess contributing factors and help reach a balanced resolution. This is particularly important in alternative dispute resolution situations.