New Harbor provides management consulting services to a focused set of industries, as well as core services to a wider range of clients. The deep industry expertise that New Harbor partners and staff bring to project teams helps New Harbor deliver unparalleled value to clients.

Consumer Retail

Technology and globalization continue to alter the buying behaviors of the consumer and disrupting traditional go-to-market models, pricing and marketing strategies, and the intertwined information, value, and supply chains from sourcing to the last mile.

Financial Services

The financial services industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities today. Regulatory pressures are intensifying, investors demand greater transparency, new technology is proliferating and investor demographics are shifting from baby boomers to millennials.

Industrial & Distribution

Volatility in energy and commodity prices coupled with emerging market slowdowns signal high risks and new opportunities for industrial companies.

Life Sciences

The health care industry is facing major competitive, regulatory, technological and demographic shifts that present significant challenges and opportunities for reinvention and long-term growth.


The technology industry is in the midst of immense change. Sub-segments such as computing, entertainment, and telecommunications are converging and becoming more competitive.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation carriers, logistics management (3PL) companies, and ports/terminals face a challenging environment: regulatory changes, labor issues, volatility in fuel prices, infrastructure constraints, entry of non-traditional competitors and market intermediaries, and increased demands from shippers for fast, flexible, time-definite, cost-effective and increasingly global solutions.