Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing – product development, revenue & pricing management, distribution channels, promotion management, and sales force effectiveness – has become more complex with the explosion of Internet channels, social media and other technology-based innovations. Successful companies create and exploit these trends, while effectively avoiding or harnessing disruptors and channel conflicts. For manufacturers and service sector companies alike, these functions are integrated into manufacturing, distribution, and service delivery through the sales & operational planning process (S&OP).

Our project teams quickly hone in on the presenting issues and opportunities:

  • Product development: What are the customer needs? Industry trends? New or underserved markets? Competitor product strengths and weakness? New technologies?
  • Revenue & pricing management: What is the best pricing strategy over the product life cycle? Differentiated pricing by customer, region, product life cycle stage? Pricing structures to incent desired behaviors? Competitor reactions?
  • Channels: What are the most attractive go-to-market sales and delivery channels? Channel conflicts? Disruptors?
  • Promotions: What are the awareness, influence, education, buying decision drivers? How best can the company influence buyers?
  • Sales force: What sales resources are required? How best to organize and manage? Coordinate with operations, channel partners and intermediaries?

Our consulting engagements help clients determine the best course of action, strengthen the supporting functional business processes, and deliver effective action plans. An effective, cross-functional S&OP process enables the sales and marketing actions to deliver results powered by aligned operations.


  • Market research and benchmarking
  • Product development assessments
  • Brand research and planning
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Pricing and revenue management strategy
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning process design
  • Organization design and effectiveness
  • Investor advisory and litigation support


New Harbor staff has addressed a broad range of sales & marketing questions for industry leaders, mid-sized companies seeking the next engine of growth, start-ups, and private equity and venture capital firms. Regulators and litigators seek our advice with respect to policy and legal implications.