It’s the organization and its people which must drive the business strategy forward. In today’s unprecedented era of industry disruption and technological innovation, companies that invest in their human capital, manage it strategically, measure performance, align rewards, and understand how to adapt rapidly and flexibly will be the most successful. Having led and consulted to large and small organizations, New Harbor senior consultants integrate data-driven analysis with practical hands-on experience to create more responsive organizations and highly productive work teams.

Our project teams quickly hone in on the presenting issues and opportunities:

  • Assessment: What is the make-up of the current organization? Its policies? Skill levels? Strengths & weakness? Culture? Employee turnover? Levels of job satisfaction?
  • Organizational Design: What business processes must be supported? What human factors drive success? How must information and decisions align across processes, functions and the extended organization? What can be outsourced or supported by a partner outside the organization? Is organization form and function as well as culture adequately addressed?
  • Performance Measurement & Rewards Alignment: Are performance measures aligned to strategic goals? Are the measures clearly defined and relevant? Is the compensation system tied to performance measures and targets? Are the reward programs and outcomes competitive and motivating?
  • Change Management: Do all stakeholders understand the vision and strategy? Is the “to-be” state and definition of success well defined? Who are the best change champions? Does the implementation project plan fully reflect the task inter-dependencies and all the resources required? Are external partners included in the change plan? Is the change plan status, challenges and successes well communicated?
  • Education &Training: Does the organization have the right skills? What tools are best suited to different kinds of learners and skill development required? How best are new leaders developed and motivated?


  • Internal and external benchmarking and performance assessments
  • Organization design
  • Performance and rewards systems design
  • Implementation planning and change management
  • Educational workshops and training
  • Executive coaching

New Harbor staff brings deep industry and functional expertise and experience to address leadership, organization design, measurement and reward systems, and change management challenges.