Life Sciences

The health care industry is facing major competitive, regulatory, technological and demographic shifts that present significant challenges and opportunities for reinvention and long-term growth. Innovation, cost/benefit and efficacy are watch words for patient care, but they also apply to the development of business strategies and their execution by industry participants.

Successful life science companies, in biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and patient care delivery, understand the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary management to formulate business strategies that sustain product portfolio and business process innovations, all powered by big-data analytics. While regional conditions vary, overall trends are global in nature, challenging senior management to strategically balance investments and deployment of talent geographically.

New Harbor’s capabilities in human life sciences and animal health include:

  • Strategic business design and planning.
  • Market research and benchmarking.
  • Product portfolio and life-cycle management.
  • Supply chain optimization and operations improvement.
  • Sales & operations planning.
  • Organizational design and business process outsourcing.

New Harbor staff has conducted numerous projects for the broad spectrum of life science companies delivering products and services to improve human and animal health.