Pan-European Operations Integration


A global garment manufacturer sought to gain a competitive edge by transforming its European operations. It wished to integrate all ‘back-office’ activities while retaining separate brands in each major market. Specific objectives were to accelerate the product renewal cycle and ensure cost-effective, high-margin delivery in compliance with service standards.


Worked with a 60-person pan-European client project team to assess challenges, discern new operational strategies and implement change. Main elements included:

  • Segmentation: Organized value chains by customer needs, not brand.
  • Product development: Redesigned product development process on a ‘platform’ principle.
  • Procurement & production: Created dual-track procurement, production and logistics in support of differing customer/ product requirements.
  • Integration: Integrated across the value chain in support of major product strategies and scenarios.


  • Delivered $20+M in EVA gains.
  • Self-financed the project through short-term savings.
  • Provided a catalyst for broader change.