IT technical services partner selection


A cloud-based communications company was transitioning to a new technical platform and sought to accelerate its customer base migration by outsourcing key technical tasks to a third-party IT provider. While technical competence and cost were gating partner selection criteria, senior management also desired a service provider compensation plan and financial incentives aligned with the company’s own revenue recognition model.


  • Developed technical and service level agreement (SLA) requirements in conjunction with the client’s technical team
  • Identified partner selection criteria and relative importance ratings
  • Selected and screened a short-list of capable IT technical service providers
  • Designed a bidding template incorporating a compensation plan aligned to the client’s objectives for quality, migration speed, and shared risk/reward
  • Prepared RFP documents, statement of work (SOW), and a negotiations playbook
  • Assessed proposals, capabilities, and references
  • Co-led partner proposal workshops and negotiations leading to the final selection
  • Advised the client’s legal team through to agreement signing


  • Partner selected, contracted, and initial phases of the work launched
  • Anticipated service provider contract lifecycle costs and performance exceeded initial expectations, further validating the business case for outsourcing