Regulatory support in trucking dispute


A major US city passed a regulation banning the transport of hazardous materials by truck along city streets unless making a local delivery. In response, affected motor carriers challenged the city ordinance. We were asked by the city to conduct a rapid (4-week) initial assessment of transportation risk and the likelihood that the city could sustain its ordinance against industry’s challenge.


Our scope was to assess the risk probabilities and potential consequences of tank truck accidents along the original and alternative routes, in accordance with federal regulatory guidance.

  • Data collection: Marshalled geographic, economic, traffic and accident data to support the required risk assessment.
  • Regulatory analysis: Applied the US Department of Transportation’s hazmat regulatory guidelines to assess relative risk of cross-city and alternative city-avoiding routes.
  • Recommendations: Developed initial findings for our client, as to the strength of their position.


  • Our positive results convinced the client to proceed with a full-bore, open process of consultation with all stakeholders.
  • The city’s position was ultimately upheld, confirming our findings.