Salesforce effectiveness for business services


This private equity-backed provider of over-the-phone interpretation services had successfully achieved operational efficiencies that ensured satisfactory bottom-line results. However, the CEO and Board believed that top-line growth could be higher. Sales effectiveness was questioned, without a clear view of the specific issue or appropriate solution.


  • Market trends: Analyzed underlying past and projected trends for the main customer verticals, including banking, utilities, health services and police/judicial fields.
  • Customer segmentation: Assessed the business’s customer base along several dimensions – industry vertical, client size and complexity, profitability and growth potential.
  • Sales channel optimization: Reorganized the sales approach to align customer potential with the most appropriate and effective sales channels.
  • Organization design: Revised the structure of sales and marketing within the company, to correctly staff and incentivize sales and marketing people with ‘hunter’ and ‘farmer’ business opportunities.


  • Project was extremely successful in unleashing unprecedented growth in sales.
  • Combined with a change in the VP Sales position and the addition of a Marketing Director, the company delivered multiple years of outstanding top-line growth.