Strategic planning with senior management team


A provider of transaction processing and record-keeping services for investment managers faced a challenging landscape of reduced transactions, tough competition, demands for fee concessions and technological pressures. The CEO wished to unify his senior management team around a clear strategic direction, with prioritized initiatives and commitment to execution.


  • External research: Analyzed major industry trends that impacted the business, including the outlook for future change
  • Internal research: Interviewed more than 25 members of management to capture views on business opportunities and challenges
  • Strategy workshop: Developed written materials, planned workshop and facilitated plenary and breakout sessions
  • Follow-up: Synthesized strategic direction, responsibilities for key initiatives and provided dashboard to track performance


  • Shared understanding of underlying performance drivers, agreed strategic direction and ground rules for tracking progress
  • Basis for a series of initiatives that broadened the revenue basis, raised profitability and helped align efforts across the organization