US-Latin America supply chain for office equipment maker


High supply chain costs and relatively low service to distributors in Latin American markets prompted a major office equipment maker to seek our help:

  • Evaluate changing customer requirements.
  • Determine best practices by competitors and others serving Latin America.
  • Recommend ways to boost supply chain performance.


  • Conduct interviews of manufacturers, distributors and third-party logistics providers.
    • Determine customer expectations by country type.
    • Identify current and future practices of leading technology and consumer goods manufacturers.
    • Develop specific examples of best practices.
  • Synthesize learnings from primary and secondary sources.
  • Provide compelling report to management.
    • Evolving customer needs.
    • Best practices by competitors and others.
    • Objective view of required performance levels.
    • Fact-based recommendations for priority actions.


  • Identified opportunities to reduce supply chain costs by 2 percent of revenue and raise product availability by 15 percentage points.
  • Enabled client team to validate hypotheses and prioritize initiatives.
  • Obtained senior management buy-in for change program.