Are port service rates too high, and is the rate structure fair?


A maritime industry association, our client, opposed higher rates by a state-regulated port services provider. In addition to being exorbitant, our client believed the rate structure itself was unfair. The service provider maintained its increase was well justified.


  • Analyses:
    • Researched the evolution of marine traffic at the port in question, distinguishing between vessels of different types.
    • Assessed levels and structure of fees at other ports around the country, on a normalized basis.
    • Determined key ship characteristics that affected service requirements.
    • Evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of the local service provider’s operations.
  • Report:
    • Prepared a comprehensive, fact-based report making a clear case for our client’s position.
  • Support to attorneys:
    • Suggested lines of questioning for use in preliminary hearings.


  • Case was settled directly between the parties, outside the state administrative structure.