Rail-served property marketing plan


A Midwest airport authority wished to promote the development of property targeted for rail-oriented industrial uses. Earlier efforts had fallen short and the client believed a more comprehensive, fact-based approach was needed to identify promising uses and build the business case that would attract tenants.


Teaming with a nationally-backed local industrial realty team and engineering consultants, we developed a complete marketing plan for this property.

  • Research: Conducted primary and secondary research to discern regional industrial use trends and identify relevant property uses, both locally and in competing locations.
  • Business cases: Developed business cases for selected high-priority uses, based on carload and intermodal rail access.
  • Marketing priorities: Provided the airport authority with a clear assessment of highest-value and most-probable industry and company prospects.


  • Produced a robust marketing plan, supported by quantitative business cases that maximized the value of the property’s economic and logistical advantages.
  • Provided the authority’s realtors with fact-based evidence for the preparation of hard-hitting, targeted marketing materials.
  • Delivered an action plan and practical support with website development and other marketing collateral.